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 Warning and Health Advisory for Chantix Legal help for injured persons and their families

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PostSubject: Warning and Health Advisory for Chantix Legal help for injured persons and their families   Sat Oct 03, 2009 5:59 pm

Chantix Smoking Cessation Pills

In May of 2006, Pfizer received approval from the FDA to release a drug called Chantix, which was designed to chemically ‘trick’ the nicotine receptor cells in the brain to think that it was getting its ‘fix’ when in fact it was receiving a medication designed to prevent nicotine from binding with those same cells in the future. People who took Chantix were supposed to get the same temporary feeling of pleasure that they got from ingesting nicotine.

Given the reality that it was sometimes physically and psychologically impossible to persuade people to quit smoking, research and development departments at several different companies began to dedicate resources to finding a medication that would help people stop smoking and thereby save thousands of lives.
February 1, 2008 FDA issues warning and health advisory on Chantix.

The FDA has issued a warning to consumers and medical professionals about the use of Chantix indicating “It appears increasingly likely that there may be an association between Chantix and serious neuropsychiatric symptoms.”

The warning follows the growing concern by public watchdog and protection groups of the safety of Chantix due to its reported links to suicidal thoughts and behavior. Chantix is a non-nicotine stop smoking prescription drug made by Pfizer. Approved in 2006 by the FDA because of it’s performance during clinical trials, Chantix eases the withdrawal by providing nicotine like effects and also by blocking the effects of nicotine if the person starts smoking again.

The FDA in its warning stated that people should report any history of psychiatric illness before they start using Chantix, as well as asking patients, their families and doctors to closely watch for any changes.

This is an extremely dangerous situation, which is why the FDA released this warning. If you have suffered as a result of using these drugs, contact a defective drugs attorney immediately.

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Warning and Health Advisory for Chantix Legal help for injured persons and their families
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