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 Bonus Chip "BC" Tournaments

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PostSubject: Bonus Chip "BC" Tournaments   Sat Apr 26, 2014 5:37 pm

Bonus Chip "BC" Tournaments - You may see "BC" in the name of some tournaments at NoPayPOKER. This is a Bonus Chip Tournament where you can allocate 10 times your starting stack or more in bonus chips.  If you don't allocate any bonus chips to the tournament then you don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning! The other players will have a starting stack 10 times your size!
Example. 944748 $1000 Daily BC Freeroll 0/1000 - Registering

If you don't have any more Bonus Chips, don't worry, there are 4 ways to get more!

Purchase Directly using your FreeD (PAYPAL NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME,SORRY!)
2,000 chips - 300 FreeD
4,000 chips - 575 FreeD
10,000 chips - 1375 FreeD
30,000 chips - 4000 FreeD
100,000 chips - 10000 FreeD

Get a Premium Membership and receive 1,000 bonus chips each day at midnight (approx 30,000 per month).
Complete any Sponsor Offer for every $1 FreeD you earn on that offer we will credit you with 5 Bonus Chips. Premium Members get double that amount!
Use our Cash Up page and get 50 Bonus Chips for every Facebook Post (up to 3 per day).

Terms and Conditions..
The Bonus Chip Tournament label only refers to the ratio of the starting stack to maximum bonus chip allocation.
Bonus Chip Tournaments can be Multi Table, SnG, freeroll or even league games.
Once registered for a tournament we cannot guarantee that you can unregister or allocate that registration to someone else.
All the usual NoPayPOKER Terms and Conditions apply.
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Bonus Chip "BC" Tournaments
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