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 Saturday $2500 FreeD Loyalty Freeroll

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PostSubject: Saturday $2500 FreeD Loyalty Freeroll   Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:25 pm

Every Saturday at Midnight GMT join the
‘‘Saturday $2500 FreeD Loyalty Freeroll’’
It's so easy to qualify even your grandmother could do it!
The Saturday $2500 FreeD Loyalty Freeroll is a weekly freeroll to reward loyal players who have played 10 hours or more during the calendar week at NoPayPOKER.
If you look at your Account page you will see a count down timer in the Registered Tournaments section. Here it will tell you how many more hours and minutes you need to play before you qualify. If you do not accumulate 10 hours during the week, then your timer gets reset back to 10 hours and you have another week to play and qualify for the next freeroll.
The tournament opens for registration on Saturday at 21:00 GMT. If you have qualified by playing 10 or more hours at NoPayPOKER then you will be able to register through the game lobby, just like regular tournaments.
Good luck and we hope you enjoy playing the Saturday $2500 FreeD Loyalty Freeroll

Example - 943872 Saturday $2500 FreeD Loyalty Freeroll 0/500

Terms and Conditions
To qualify you must have played over 10 hours of ring games or tournaments at NoPayPOKER since Midnight on the Saturday before the Loyalty Freeroll
Once given, purchased or won, tickets to a tournament are not redeemable or transferable to other players or tournaments. Unused tickets will not be refunded.
Once registered for a tournament you cannot unregister or transfer this registration to another tournament.
You need a NoPayPOKER Account and your contact details need to be up to date.
The winning players will be awarded a share of the prize money split according to the Tournament Payout Structure.
All the usual NoPayPOKER Terms and Conditions apply.
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Saturday $2500 FreeD Loyalty Freeroll
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