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 $30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final

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$30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final Empty
PostSubject: $30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final   $30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 6:33 pm

Every Third Saturday at 8:45pm join the
‘‘$30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final’’
Get a referral and get playing!

Examples -
943548 $30000 FreeD Refer-a-Friend Final 0/1000
944851 $30000 FreeD Refer-a-Friend BC Qualifier 0/50
At 8:45pm GMT on the third Saturday of each month the "$30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final" will play. You can qualify for this tournament in one of two ways:

1) Refer a Friend to NoPayPOKER - Tickets are awarded automatically and every referral adds 300 chips to your starting chip stack. So 5 referrals would give you 1,500 extra chips. It's easy to get referrals, see here.

To qualify as a referral, your friend must have joined during the most recent Refer-a-Friend period and have played 1 or more hours at NoPayPOKER.

2) Win one of 2 tickets in the $30,000 Refer-a-Friend BC Qualifer - Each game has 50 seats and the top 2 players win a ticket. Qualifiers play at 6pm, 2am and 10am GMT every day - entrance is FREE. Use Bonus Chips for a better chance of winning a ticket.
To summarize, here is what you need to know:
To get a ticket, refer one or more players to NoPayPOKER
Or win a ticket from one of three daily qualifier tournaments
Your referral must play 1 or more hours at NoPayPOKER to qualify
Each qualified referral gives you 300 extra starting chips in the final

Terms and Conditions
$30,000 Refer-a-Friend BC Qualifiers play 3 times a day and award a $30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final ticket to the top 2 players.
Players are also awarded a ticket to the final for refering one qualifying friend, during the time the Final is scheduled in the game lobby.
Tickets are awarded at 8:15pm GMT every day to players with qualifying referrals.
A referral is considered "qualified" if they have played 1 or more hours at NoPayPOKER, during the time the Final is scheduled in the game lobby.
Every Qualified Referral also adds 300 chips to your starting chips stack in the final. So if you refer 20 friends you will start with 6,000 more chips than everyone else! Extra chips cannot be redeemed or transfered to any other tournament and cannot be added to your Bonus Chip balance.
Registration for the final tournament opens 24 hours before the start time
The winners of the $30,000 Refer-a-Friend final will be awarded a share of the prize money split to 100 places according to the Tournament Payout Structure under the column "400+" players.
Once given, purchased or won, tickets to a tournament are not redeemable or transferable to other players or tournaments. Unused tickets will not be refunded.
Once registered for a tournament you cannot unregister or transfer this registration to another tournament.
All the usual NoPayPOKER Terms and Conditions apply.
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$30,000 Refer-a-Friend Final
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