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 NoPayPOKER's Weekly Hott Pot

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PostSubject: NoPayPOKER's Weekly Hott Pot   NoPayPOKER's Weekly Hott Pot Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 6:40 pm

Every Weekday At 6pm GMT
‘‘NoPayPOKER's Weekly Hott Pot’’
Win two freerolls out of 5 and bag the Hott Pot!

We're running a daily $300 FreeD HottPot Freeroll Monday to Friday every week. But the fun doesn't stop there, take first place in any 2 out of 5 consecutive tournaments and you win the HottPot!

The HottPot grows by $500 FreeD every week until someone wins it.

How do you win it?

For example if you win Friday's game then win next Thursday's game you can claim the HottPot during the week of your second game BUT if you win Friday's game and win next Friday's game you can't claim, because you won 2 out of 6 consecutive games.

Every week the HottPot is unclaimed, it grows by another $500 FreeD. So after 6 weeks it would be $3,000 FreeD in total size!

Example - 944439 NoPayPOKERs Weekly HottPot $300 Freeroll 0/300

Terms and Conditions
You can enter as many freerolls as you like and you must win 2 out of 5 consecutive freerolls to win the HottPot
If you qualify for the HottPot, then you will share the HottPot prizepool for the week when you made your second win. If more than one person wins the HottPot during that week, then it will be shared equally amongst the winners.
If you win a HottPot then the games that qualified you for that HottPot cannot be used to win another HottPot during the next week.
The HottPot is unconnected to the freeroll money and grows by $500 FreeD per week it is unclaimed.
You need a NoPayPOKER Account and your contact details need to be up to date.
The winning players of the freeroll will be awarded a share of the prize money split according to the Tournament Payout Structure.
All the usual NoPayPOKER Terms and Conditions apply.
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NoPayPOKER's Weekly Hott Pot
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