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 Customised Private Games

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PostSubject: Customised Private Games   Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:46 pm

Play With Your Friends Or Expand Your Membership

Have you ever wondered what to do at 8pm in the evening? Email your friends and get them to play a private tournament at NoPayPOKER.

Some of you may already run a poker forum which makes you cash, you already know the value of freerolls to get new players to your site. At NoPayPOKER your money goes a lot further. You can add your own bank balance into the prize money and create as many games as you want!

The Private Games are a great tool for affiliates and a great way to have fun with your friends.
Build Your Own Games and Decide:
Type of table - Cash, SnG or Multi Table tournament
Make it a Bounty Game - Players can set bounties on others or themselves
Schedule Them - Up to Two Weeks in the Future, at any time in the day!
Buy-In - Make it free or make them pay to play
Money Added - Create your own Freeroll at any time
Chip Count and Speed - Your starting chips, bonus chips and the speed of the blinds
Number of Players - Anywhere from 2 to 50 players!
Private or Not - Limit it to your friends or open it to the world. Even send Private Invites.
Now even better, Brand Your Tournaments:
Change The Name - Mention your website or group
Add In Your Own Banner - Appears below all game tables
Link Back To Your Site - Link your banner and the tournament lobby to two different places
Sponsors Can Get BRANDED! - We can customised the table and add you to the daily NoPayPOKER schedule!
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Customised Private Games
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