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PostSubject: About NoPayPOKER   About NoPayPOKER Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 5:09 pm

No Deposits ever just Withdrawals,making it completely legal in the USA.This site is the easiest to cash out on.You DON'T need to deposit any money to take your winnings..
NoPayPOKER has been providing free online poker games since 2006 and is entirely free to play poker. Download, play, learn, bluff and practice Free online Texas Holdem without investing money and win a real cash bankroll in the process!
For Poker Players
No gimmicks, no catches, just free online poker for fun. Never deposit or spend money at NoPayPOKER and win cash prizes on every game more...
For Affiliates

Clear and easy affiliate system open to anyone! Receive 20% of all withdrawals your referrals make - for life! more...

Free To Join, Free To Play And No Cashout Conditions!

Free players never risk their own money and WIN CASH!

It couldn't be easier. You never deposit money at NoPayPOKER and you win cash prizes on every FREE online poker game you play, whether a ring game, tournament or week long league!

How is this possible? Simple, the site is funded by advertising.

So how do I get money to play, I hear you ask? Well, all games on the site use "FreeD" currency, which can be used to enter tournaments for free and sit down at ring games, just like any other poker site.

In addition to your free registration bonus, FreeDs can be earned in 3 simple ways:

Join our FREE poker tournaments and FREE poker league games
Refer your friends and get paid every time they cash out!
Earn $100's in instant money using our unique sponsor Referral System

There is no limit to the amount you can earn and withdraw.
No Deposit - Truly FREE Online Poker, you never lose money, have no costs and no risk.
No Subscriptions - We said FREE Poker and we mean it, you don't pay a penny.
Legal Worldwide - an "open competition" legal in all jurisdictions, USA based poker players very welcome.
Secure - We don't take credit card details...and we pay out cash on FREE poker.
League poker - Unique skill-not-luck, multi game free tournaments.
Private Tables - Your own free online poker games where you can set set the password, number of players, blinds and speed!

Click on the banner in this section to sign up or click on the available link.

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PostSubject: The New Official Public Chat Rules of NoPayPOKER have been relaxed!!   About NoPayPOKER Icon_minitimeSat Jun 21, 2014 2:46 pm

The Official Public Chat Rules for all areas (including the lobby, table chat, forum and/or blogs) of NoPayPoker.

We suggest you become familiar with the Chat Rules and Terms and Conditions of the site.  It is your responsibility to know and to understand them.

1. Everyone must abide by the Terms and Conditions to which you agreed when you registered to play at NoPayPoker.  The link for this is:   http://www.nopaypoker.com/UserSection/SecurePages/General/TermsAndConditions.aspx

2. Any issues that are considered technical or beyond the scope/control of the chat lobby must be sent to NoPayPOKER Support through:   http://www.nopaypoker.com/UserSection/StaticPages/Content/support.aspx.  Please be sure to save your ticket number when you submit your Support ticket.

3. English Only: All communications must be in English. This includes in the main chat lobby and chat on the tables.

4. Bullying and Harassment: NoPayPoker will not tolerate any player/players bullying, stalking, threatening, harassing anyone on NoPayPoker.  Repeatedly targeting other players with unwanted friend requests or private messages is also a form of harassment.  This also includes any private tables/games made using names to bait and harass another player.  If you feel you are stalked, harassed, or bullied, document this by making copies with names/dates and send your proof to Support.

5. Illegal Activities: You may not post messages that violate the law or encourage others to violate the law.  We ask that you respect copyrights, trademarks, and other legal rights.  This includes, but is not limited to, asking for or linking to copyrighted ROMs, software, music, text, video, pornography, drugs or drug paraphernalia.

6. Posting Offensive Messages: You may not post or encourage others to post messages that are considered offensive.  This includes discrimination against a person based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.

7. Purposeful Disruptive Actions: These chat box actions include, but are not limited to, blank lines, entering identical or near-identical messages (Scrolling), multiple entries, and nonsense symbols, intentionally hard to read messages, for example, use of ALL CAPITAL letters.  Capitals should be used for attention getting phrases only (2 words or less).  The only times all caps MAY be used is in an important blurb, message from the NoPayPoker staff or administrators.

8. Soliciting, phishing, Spam, URLs of Other Sites: Avatars and URLs are not to be used as an advertising space for businesses or transfer of information to other players.  You are not allowed to mention any competitor poker sites.  Only sites affiliated with NoPayPoker are allowed.

9. Impersonating Other Users: Impersonating means having a username that is identical (or nearly identical) to another player falsely claiming to be that person.  Absolutely not allowed is impersonation of any moderator, administrator, staff or site owner falsely claiming to be that person.  This includes any usernames with those titles in them nor with the word NPP or NoPayPOKER anywhere in the name.

10. Accusations of Cheating: Players are not permitted to accuse the site or other people of cheating and the only appropriate response to these concerns is to go to Support with proof.   If this behaviour continues, offenders jeopardize their chat and/or account!

11. Insults, Inflaming, and Bashing: No insulting, inflaming or deliberately bashing the NoPayPoker site, NoPayPoker affiliates or any of the moderator, or NoPayPoker, administrator, moderator supervisor, or staff.

   11a. Arguing with or "Baiting" any NoPayPoker administrator or staff member will be considered a breach of the rules.  If you have a complaint about a moderator, send it to a moderator administrator or mod supervisor.

   11b. ANY player telling any current moderator how to do their job, will be dealt with Immediately.  There will be zero tolerance for this.  If you have a problem with any moderator, please PRIVATELY MESSAGE your concerns to an mod administrator or mod supervisor.  Do not send a ticket to Support as they will reroute it back to the administrator in charge.  Support deals with account issues, game issues, and extreme abuse issues ONLY.

   11c. No insulting, inflaming or deliberately baiting another player.  Name calling as friendly banter or letting off steam will be allowed at moderator discretion.  Gaming banter will be allowed. Putting your opponent off balance is all part of poker.  Offensive remarks however will NOT be allowed.  Messages that are considered offensive include, but not limited to, discrimination against a person based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.

12. Personal Information: For privacy purposes, we ask that you do not give out any personal information in the lobby or tables.  Information such as complete real names, email addresses, physical street addresses, phone numbers, etc., are not allowed.  If a player wishes to do so please take it to private messages, Yahoo, Skype, etc.  NoPayPoker will not be responsible for that information getting out to the wrong person.

13. Chat Filter: NoPayPoker has a chat filter, so swear words are automatically filtered! Please do not go around the filter.  This means spell the word correctly if it’s in the filter it will automatically filter it.  Don't use spaces, dots, etc. to avoid it.  All we ask is that you do not abuse other players with constant swearing and abuse.

14. Begging for FreeD: asking for FreeD's or money either directly or hinting in chat, on tables will not be tolerated.  You may privately message a player to ask for FreeDs, if they don't reply then it means, NO.  Continuing to Privately Message them or Privately Message multiple players, is a form of harassment.

15. Passwords to Games: No posting of passwords or hints to passwords, in the lobby/tables at any time.  Sharing passwords is not allowed.  This means no sharing passwords for private games nor for affiliate/sponsors of NoPayPOKER.  The owners of the affiliate sponsor sites password games for their own reasons.
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