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 Six Upcoming Special Games For KajunSpice!

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PostSubject: Six Upcoming Special Games For KajunSpice!   Six Upcoming Special Games For KajunSpice! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2015 9:18 pm

As you all know KajunSpice and the KnK Forum are very active in the fight against Breast Cancer Awareness.  Kajun started her first BCA Game back in Oct. of 2009.  As a  reminder to every male and female to get themselves checked yearly.  We have also raised money for the Susan Koman Foundation through NoPayPOKER in the past.  The First year I sent $80.00, 2nd yr was $120.00 donated to the foundation from NPP.  Due to Paypal deciding not to deal with poker sites anymore, we had to temporarily postpone them.  However Kajun still makes  huge freerolls every year.  She even held a special BCA League last year that ran all month long.
Everyone of us knows of someone who has either fought, passed, or survived this dreadful disease.
Through the years the KnK Forum has supported all of the players on NPP.  We have stood by  and fought for each and every one of yas.  With that said I need to pass on some devastating news about KajunSpice.  Last week the doctors told her she has Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  Her surgery is set for April 21st at which time she will have a bilateral mastectomy.  Further treatment will be started around May 14th.  Kajun has discussed this already in the chat lobby with the players.  The reason I am writing this is for the players that have missed it, have not logged on NPP in awhile, for whatever reason, etc..
Kajun has made a 10k freeroll game in the private section to play on the 21st.  There has also been 4 more games made by the mods in support of Kajun and her cause.  The Six Upcoming Special Games For KajunSpice are up and registering now.  They are located  in the private section on NoPayPOKER. .....

2k Game - 1009897    KAJ YOU GOT THIS - -MTT    26/200    -    Registering    2015-04-18 00:00
3k Game - 1009898    KAJ YOU GOT THIS - -MTT    24/200    -    Registering    2015-04-18 20:00
3k Game - 1009899    KAJ YOU GOT THIS - -MTT    23/200    -    Registering    2015-04-19 20:00
5k Game - 1009900    KAJ YOU GOT THIS - -MTT    22/200    -    Registering    2015-04-20 23:00
10k Game - 1008938    WEAR PINK 4KAJ 4-21-MTT    63/200    -    Registering    2015-04-22 00:00

Again KajunSpice has had all of your backs in your time of need.  No matter what it was you needed she was there trying to help. Never once asking for anything in return. Let's do the same for her, support her through your prayers, keep her in your thoughts.  Show her the love, respect and compassion that she has always shown all of you in the past.  Together we can get her through this.

Poem Du Jour

I'm thinking of Kaj and have something to say
As she has shared some bad news with us today
We have you in our thoughts and in our prayers
And I hope you understand that everyone here cares

We will have our concerns and our worries for you
And send hugs and comfort to your family too
For me personally I know you'll kick this things ass
But handle it all with determination and class

Keep your head up and know that we're here
When the time comes that you shed you're first tear
On the fifteenth all premiums should wear pink
As a show of the NoPayPoker family link

I will end this just how I see fit
We love ya Kaj and yeah you got this shit


Kind Regards,
KnK Forum Admin
NoPayPoker Admin
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Six Upcoming Special Games For KajunSpice!
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