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 Bounty Games And Bounties

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PostSubject: Bounty Games And Bounties   Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:20 pm

Now Earn Extra Prize Money For Taking Out Your Friends

There are two kinds of bounties on NoPayPOKER. 1) Games that are marked as "Bounty" where you automatically have a bounty added to your head. 2) any game allowing users to place bounties on other other players or even themselves.

Winning Bounties - Just take'em out! You win the bounty on someones head when you are the winner of the hand which takes the player out of the tournament.

"Bounty" games - Look at the tournament lobby, any game marked "Bounty" means that a portion of your buy-in will be used as a bounty on your own head! The games should say how much is added to the prizepool and bounty. So if it is a $25+$25 bounty game it will cost you $50 to enter. $25 goes to the prizepool and $25 goes on your bounty.

Custom Bounties - Many games will allow you to place a bounty on anyone else in the game including yourself. Bounties stack up, so if you put a $10 FreeD bounty on someone who already has a $20 FreeD bounty they would then have a $30 FreeD bounty in total.

Premium members are allowed to place up to 10 bounties per day and regular members can place up to 2 bounties per day.

944776 Quick-Draw Gunslingers $25 Bounty 0/200
944790 Turbo $25 Buy-In + $25 Bounty 0/200

Rules, Terms and Conditions..
Custom Bounties must be between $1 and $500 FreeD AND less than 10% of your bank balance
Regular members can place up to 2 Custom Bounties per day, Premium Members can place up to 10 per day.
If you win the tournament then you keep the bounty on your own head!
Bounties are divided equally to split pot winners if applicable.
Once a bounty has been placed they are not refundable or transferable
All the usual NoPayPOKER Terms and Conditions apply.
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Bounty Games And Bounties
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