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 Multi Tier Tournaments - $5,000 Weekly Final

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PostSubject: Multi Tier Tournaments - $5,000 Weekly Final   Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:31 pm

In Multi-Tier Tournaments you must play one or more qualifer games to gain entry to the final. The first tier of NoPayPOKER Multi-Tier Tournaments are free to enter. There is NO ENTRANCE FEE, BUY-IN OR TICKET required!
"$5,000 Weekly Final" - Sunday at 8:15pm GMT (3:15pm EST)
A two tier (qualifier to final) tournament, with $5,000 FreeD in prize money.
FREE First Tier: "$5,000 Weekly Qualifiers" are 10 man Sit-N-Gos, where the 1st place winner is awarded a ticket to the "$5,000 Weekly Final".
Final: "$5,000 Weekly Final" is a multi table tournament. You need to win a ticket from a qualifier in order to play.

Example - 944930 $5000 FreeD Weekly Qualifier 0/10
943876 $5000 FreeD Weekly Final 0/500

The winners of Qualifying games will be awarded tickets to the next tier of the tournament.
Once given, purchased or won, tickets to a tournament are not redeemable or transferable to other players or tournaments. Unused tickets will not be refunded.
Once registered for a tournament you cannot unregister or transfer this registration to another tournament.
You need a NoPayPOKER Account and your contact details need to be up to date.
The winning players will be awarded a share of the prize money split to 40 places according to the Tournament Payout Structure under the column "to 200" players, this is to ensure all players have a good chance of winning some FreeD.
All the usual NoPayPOKER Terms and Conditions apply.
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Multi Tier Tournaments - $5,000 Weekly Final
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